Red Barons showcasing Battlegroup Overlord

The Red Barons went to Northern France on Saturday June 1 to demo the Road to Carentan scenario at the Convention Day show.
Having become avid BG-players over the last couple of weeks, we thought it was fitting to get others acquainted with the rules. So we decided on BGO and started frantically to get the troops ready. Meaning finally finishing these 15mm US tanks, infantry and airborne, painting a Normandy farm, collecting enough bocage and even ordering 3 Stug IV on ebay and repaint them in a mere 3 days. Nothing so motivating as a fixed deadline, isn’t it?
Christophe, one of the Barons, even managed to get a poster ready!
Play started around 10.30 and (apart from a déjeuner sur l’herbe) we played non stop till 17.00. Nail biting! The Americans were under severe pressure all the time and even my Sherman’s couldn’t easily get through. Obviously a more than average amount of 1’s and 2’s on the dice didn’t help. An affliction also endured by the German players, though.
We got a good amount of interest and a lot of explaining was done to the punters. With the regular question popping up: “Do they sell the rules here?” Always a good sign,. Sadly there were no traders carrying the books.
We also made use of our homemade laser cut order and situation counters and info cards. Great play enhancers!
We sure will demo again with great pleasure and plans are already being hatched to ‘do’ Battle Group at Crisis in Antwerp in November.
In the mean time here are some pictures of last Saturday.


Crisis demo

the Red Barons were at Crisis 2013 with a Battleground demo, featuring the latest Fall of the Reich supplement. Read the report here.




Our younger friends in Ghent