The Red Barons is a wargames club in the Ghent Region, Belgium. Our origins can be traced back to the seventies, but we were finally baptized with our current name in 1988. For those 30+ years, we have offered refuge to players of a wide range of games from boardgames to miniature wargames.

The Barons meet every second week on thursday evening in the pub Gouden Mandeke, on the Pensmarkt in the center of Ghent. Visitors are welcome.

We mainly play miniatures games, using a wide range of rules. Recently played have been Black Powder, Hail Caesar, Saga and Maurice, although we'll try at least anything once.

As the wargaming community is an international lot, we decided to go for English on this site. At our meetings, Flemish is our default language (a Dutch dialect), although we do tend to use English, French, German, ... in our speeches when addressing the troops, as and when appropriate.


Our new website

You're visiting our club's brand new site; as is customary with new thingamajigs, it' ll take some time to bring it up to speed and add interesting content.

In the coming weeks and months, we'll try to add some info and pictures on what we get up. In the meanwhile, please be patient.



Crisis demo

the Red Barons were at Crisis 2013 with a Battleground demo, featuring the latest Fall of the Reich supplement. Read the report here.




Our younger friends in Ghent